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The following is a list of all the Alpacas, Categories, Events and Feature Articles on our site. We hope it will assist you in finding what you're looking for.

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Accoyo Baron Lafite (deceased)
Full Accoyo male, winner of The Get Of Sire at AOBA National show 2006 Empire Alpaca Extravaganza 06, represented what could  be achieved in fifteen years of breeding experience with full Accoyo Peruvian Suris in North America. As of May 2008 Lafite had  10 
First Place  Get of Sire wins.

Accoyo Carte Blanche

Accoyo Isobel

Accoyo Luna
One of the finest Accoyo Females ever imported.

Accoyo Cover Girl

Accoyo Czarina

Accoyo Inca

Accoyo Munay

Full Accoyo Multi Champion

Accoyo Pluma

Accoyo Viva

Escalante Accoyo Suri

HHSF Accoyo Accolade


HHSF Accoyo It's Joe Time

HHSF Accoyo Lafite's Accoyo Festiva

HHSF Accoyo Qdoba

HHSF Accoyo Rummblle Suri

HHSF Accoyo Tangelo

Inca's Accoyo He'So Fine

Lafite's Accoyo Mariposa

Obviously's Accoyo Shastina

Ramilio's Accoyo Moxi

Ramilo's Accoyo Charmeuse

Tiburon's Accoyo Persuader

Accoyo Ramilo (deceased)

Peruvian Leann

Tiburon's Peruvian TIZO

Accoyo Acca

Accoyo Paragon

6Peruvian Stefaniea
Easy birthing, great dam, plenty of milk

4Peruvian Able
Abel an imported herdsire now owned by AIA Alpacas has porduced some of North Americas finest Herdsires.

4Peruvian Tika

Accoyo Baron
A well known full Accoyo herdsire owned by 5 Star Alpacas

Accoyo Bella Vita

Accoyo Jackpot

Accoyo Sasha

Accoyo Tango

Accoyo Zapa



GCSA Exodus

GLR Rosa


HHSF Accoyo Lafite's Mont Blanc


HHSF Peruvian Bracer

HHSF Peruvian Gubbio

HHSF Peruvian King of the Night

HHSF Peruvian Majestique

HHSF Tiburon's Peruvian Tizo Suri

Kobe Of PVA

Lafite's Peruvian Grand Finale

Lafite's Peruvian Magno

Lafite's Peruvian Matrix

Lafite's Peruvian Shenango

Nolan Ryan

Peruvian Alessandro

Peruvian Angle

Peruvian Antioch

Peruvian Black Chip

Peruvian Caviar

Peruvian Clementine

Peruvian Envy Me

Peruvian Eye Candy

Peruvian Flora

Peruvian Import

Peruvian Itala
This wonderful female has been a major part of our sucess. She is a 1993 import.

Peruvian Mahogony Prince

Peruvian Milo

Peruvian Muzzy

Peruvian Mystere


Peruvian Sabandia

Peruvian Sparkle

Peruvian Tierra

Peruvian Tiffanee

Peruvian Tika

Peruvian Tiziana

Peruvian Tosca

Peruvian Utopias
Award winning sire


Ramilo's Accoyo Girl on the Go

Ramilo's Accoyo Laleure

Ramilos Beau Ideal

Ramilo's Peruvian Rapunzel


Sedoso's Lilah

SlHHSF Peruvian Lara

Tempest Of Cuzco


UK Accoyo

UK Accoyo

uk Accoyo

Uribe Accoyo



About Us
Humming HIll knows of no other farm of our size that has only full Peruvian suris and their progeny.

Accoyo Females

Accoyo Males

Alpaca FAQs

Alpaca Sales

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Alpaca Shows
Now that Humming Hill  completed The Futurity, MAPACA, and The Buckeye shows they  were  off to the Nationals in Salt Lake City May 22, 2008.  Mariposa was awarded the Championship for white Juvenile  at the National Show and was immediately purchased by Wilkins Livestock. She was sheared and her fleece went on to win First Place at the National Suri Symposium.  With the completion of showing at Empire and Alpacafest , Humminghill ended the year with 34 First Place winnings and 16 Championships.

Alpacas For Sale

We all love our alpacas but savvy breeders realize all alpacas are not created equal when one considers conformation, fiber characteristics, luster, fineness and the ability to pass on the traits of the herdsire and dam.  In developing our breeding business, Humming Hill has shown that they have the consistency of a show ring program, one of the most important aspects of a successful breeding program, and have been successful at producing above average suris and winners in the show ring.
After celebrating fifteen years raising these wonderful animals, Ben and Lynda are entering their retirement years and would like your consideration of the following:
These males we are offering .are a combination of our late and great Ramilo and Lafite. All these males have exemplary show records.   Ramilo proved his potency with the award of more than 25 Get of Sire Awards and Accoyo Lafite was well on his way when he met untimely death at the age of seven years.  Lafite has been awarded 10 Get of Sire awards, was awarded Herdsire of the Year last year at Futurity and within the last two weeks has received additional Get of Sire Awards at MAPACA and Buckeye 08.  Consistency has been our mantra for the past fifteen years.
The following supreme young males are exceptional herdsire quality, have exemplary show records and possess all the qualities that Ramilo and Lafite and their dams possessed and passed on, bringing Humming Hill to the forefront in the alpaca business.  These males have been created from our very best females, many of them are champions themselves and are all direct descendants of Ramilo and Lafite and are the very best Humming Hill has to offer.  
We intend to remain very connected with the alpaca industry and look forward with pleasure and anticipation of seeing future generations of champions sired by these exciting males. Please look over the listings and call us to discuss any details.  

Directions to Our Farm

Farm News
Notes from shows, events and the stories behind all those beautiful banners and ribbons.

Farm Tour
There is a beauty, pace and quality to Humming Hill Farm that's unlike any other. Humming HIll invites you see for yourself in their farm gallery.


Foundation Females


Humming Hill Suri Farm suri herdsires are some of the finest males in the world. During our special WIN and WIN AGAIN! promotion, save over 30% on your breedings.

HHSF Legends
The Humming Hill Suri Farm Legends are suri alpacas that have made a tremendous contribution to the breed. With names like Ramilo and Lafite, the HSSF Legends needs little introduction. Browse these pages of the HHSF Suri Alpaca Legends.

HHSF Parade of Champions
Browse the Humming Hill Hall of Fame and see what full Peruvian really means!

HHSF’s Suri Breed Standard

History of Alpacas
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Junior Herdsires

Juvenile-Yearling Females


Members of:
Many organizations help give life to the Alapca industry. Humming Hill Farm is proud to be a part of these groups.

News & Shows
2010 Southern Select 1st Place & Champion
2010 Best of The US - 1st Place & Champion
2010 Indiana Invitational - Second Place

2010 Southern Select - 1st Place
2010 Best of The US - 1st Place
2010 Indiana Invitational  - 1st Place & Reserve Champion

2010 Indiana Invitational - 2nd Place

*co-owned with Jefferson-Laurel Farm

Our Accoyo Bloodlines

Our Full Accoyo Guarantee

See our Full Accoyo money back guarantee!

Our Start
In l993 Ben Fisco  was involved in the process of selling his manufacturing business which was owned and operated for thirty years.

Pregnant Females


PREPOTENCY  is the ability of a sire to produce progeny whose conformation and positive traits are especially like that of the sire. 

Quechua Benefit

Resources & Affiliations
Humming Hill Farm is proud to support the Alpaca industry with show sponsorships and affiliate memberships.


Why do you want Accoyo?
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Win and Win Again!


Yearling/Adult Males





Feature Articles

Why Invest in a Suri?

An alpaca rancher with a small herd on small acreage can expect to sell offspring profitably. The current alpaca industry is based on the sale of breeding quality stock.

Densest Suri Males Ever Recorded
Follicle Test Results
Humming Hill Suri Alpacas has the "Densest Suri Males Ever Recorded"

'07 & '08 Futurity Herdsire of the Year
For a 2nd year in a row, Accoyo Baron Lafite won Futurity Herdsire of the Year award for Light Colors. This prestigious honor is one of the most highly coveted awards and is presented to only one light colored Suri each year in the USA...

Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association
AOBA is the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association, the National organization supporting alpaca breeders in the United States.

Alpaca Registry, Inc.
The Alpaca Registry, Inc. manages the Registry database for all registered alpacas in the United States.

Can an alpaca owner make enough profit on the sale of fleece when shearing once a year to justify...

Do alpacas bite?

Do you eat alpacas?

How do I know the prices will not fall in a very short time as did the Ostrich business?

How long will these prices last?


Read complete details of the Humming Hill Suri Farm Breeding Requirements.

Humming Hill Suri Farm on You Tube
A beautiful alpaca farm in Newbury, Ohio, as seen on You Tube.

Is there artificial insemination or embryo transplants?

Isn't this a pyramid type of business?

Northwest Alpacas Import Records Search

Search a database of alpaca import records.

OABA is the Ohio Alpaca Breeder's Association.

What are the most important considerations for a more rapid return on my investment?

What if one of my alpacas dies? How will I recoup my investment?

What is a Suri Alpaca?

What is Accoyo?



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